“Zone was truly a calling from God,” said Ben Marciano, president and owner of Zone Health & Fitness. “After running gyms all over the country for 20 years I felt called by God to start Zone. My goal is to change the health club industry across the country. I wanted to create a gym where everyone felt welcome and part of family; we truly care about you and the results you desire. That is why we are called, ‘Zone.’ We want you to, ‘Find your Zone.’ We understand that not everyone is the same or even likes the same things and that is why we have 10 different zones to choose from – this way you can find the zone the best suits you. We are confident that once you experience Zone you will realize our mission of, ‘Where Fitness Becomes Family.'”

We have ten different zones, so you can find your zone here to get healthy and stay fit! Find the thing that you like to do, and get in your zone. As you grow more comfortable, you can move from zone to zone!

Our Zones include:

  • Pulse Zone
  • GroupEx Zone
  • Blast Zone
  • Fuel Zone
  • Functional Training Zone
  • Express Zone
  • Hydromassage Zone
  • Strength Zone
  • Cardio Zone
  • Cycling Zone
  • Spa Zone


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